Thank You For Your Unwavering Support‏

Dear Friends,

The Primary elections have ended and Texans voted in new candidates, new opportunities, and in some instances, they chose to keep those in office whom they believe will best represent them. I wish them all well.  In the end, we are still Conservatives, Republicans, or Tea Party members. More importantly, we are all Texans and we must stand together.    

Being involved in a campaign, as a candidate, staffer, or a volunteer is a lot of work, as it involves long hours, traveling, and many sacrifices, but it’s all worth it. In the end, these long hours dedicated to the political process means that we honor our country, our liberties, and our beloved Texas.

While Sen. Corny spent $6 million in his re-election campaign, we, with  little funding--after $5k filling fees and $5k to set the Exploratory Committee--managed to get our message across Texas by spending  a mere $2,000 dollars, and hundreds of hours from dedicated volunteers.  Our overall vote was about 4%, and in some counties we manage to get more than 10% and our numbers were higher in others. These results are encouraging, and thus, I am deeply grateful for those who believed in our true conservative message, even if we did not have millions to spend on TV, radio, or newspaper ads. That to us, is a Texas success, spending less and doing more.

I would like to thank everyone who supported and encouraged us during the election. Without your involvement, we would not have been able to make a mark in the Texas Republican Party. We were able to invite many to get involved in the election and have a second look at the Republican party. These are great achievements.   

My work continues, as I promise keep promoting our Texas Conservative message and Reagan Republicanism that first brought me into the Party. These ideals are my foundation, and the ones that  drive me to protect our freedom and economic strength from those “beltway” interests groups in D.C, like The Heritage Action, (one among many) who fund elected officials. These groups are robbing us from the opportunity to solve the most pressing issues such education, immigration, healthcare. These special interest groups don’t care about family values because they have little interest in rebuilding America. These same groups do not have any interest in promoting the traditional conservative values of free trade and free enterprise that have made Texas a beacon of prosperity amidst the big government policies of Obama’s world.

I fear that the “beltway” interest groups keep manipulating us so that we don’t solve our problems. These same groups already have some Republicans in their pockets, and we continue to elect them into office. This is why we must stay committed to our of conservative governing philosophy message of: free enterprise, free trade, capitalism, strong military, and limited government.   
Our U.S. Senate campaign focused on the issues important to all Texans, not on “loud“ speeches that held no  policy substance and instead aimed only at personal attacks.  Our campaign was professional and had the Texas spirit of defending our state while remaining true to our conservative tenets.    

I will continue to travel throughout Texas to meet with people who hold true to their conservative Texas principles. I will remind them, that in order to keep America safe, we must continue to protect our Constitution, our Texas because without these safeguards we are at risk.

I ask you to join me in helping to protect America and Texas. Together, we can still rebuild America.

Thank you again my friends.   

I remain, Texas Born, Texas Proud, Texas Conservative.


God Bless America and God Bless Texas!

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