Cornyn and the Democrats Have Given Us More Debt‏

On Tuesday evening House Speaker John Boehner violated his own rule by allowing the White House to win a year-long increase of the debt ceiling — with no strings attached.  He "surrendered” to big spending and President Obama.

Make no mistake about it, although only 28 Republicans joined with 193 Democrats to pass the debt ceiling hike, this was a Republican plan. It was orchestrated by Speaker Boehner, to work with the Democrats and give Obama more tax payers’ moneys without demanding any cuts to entitlements.   

In the Senate, on Wednesday, Sen. Cornyn voted with Harry Reid to kill the filibuster in opposition to Debt Ceiling hike. By voting to break a filibuster, Senators McConnell and Cornyn allowed the bill to move to a final vote with their consent, even persuading several of their colleagues to switch their votes, according to POLITICO..

So not only were Cornyn and McConnell in favor of the Debt Ceiling hike, but they also worked against Ted Cruz. It was Sen. Cruz who had  mounted a filibuster attempt to force a 60-vote threshold that would proceed on the debt ceiling measure, and it was Cornyn and McConnell  who were working hard to get more Republicans to kill the filibuster.

At the end, a dozen Republicans, led by Sen. Cornyn and Mitch McConnell, joined Democrats to overcome the filibuster on a 67-31 procedural vote.

Cornyn voted for a symbolic no on the final bill, but only after working hard to pass the bill by killing the filibuster. This makes the 9th time that Cornyn votes to the raise the Debt Ceiling.

Thanks to Cornyn and McConnell, our Debt will soon reach $18 Trillion because big government Republicans who work with Obama to make sure that our children will be in debt for the rest of their lives.

On March 4th, I ask you to help me vote out those Republicans, who in concert with Obama and the Democrats, keep ignoring the plead of the people to stop government spending. They can’t seem to vote intelligently on an Economic Solution in Washington, D.C.

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Dear Ms. Vega, do you really believe that it is a good idea for the United States to default on its debt? I believe that the brinkmanship tactic of threatening harm to our country in the form of debt default is bad for our country because it increases economic uncertainty.

Brinkmanship is just false deficit reduction theater acted out by the craven and self-interested politicians in Washington. Non-defense discretionary spending is only 17% of our budget— and we actually need items such as roads, bridges, and food safety.

The real problem is long term trends in entitlements to our senior citizens, medicare and social security. Do you have a proposal to balance the budget in these areas that really matter without kicking Grandma to the curb?

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