The Double Talk From Washington About Immigration

This week the Republican majority in the House of Representatives will unveil a set of Immigration “principles” set to revamp our broken immigrating system. The offering must start with securing our border, and it must provide a legal labor pool for Texas businesses under the rule of law.

Americans are tired of this “double talk” regarding immigration from Washington. Politicians talk “tough” on immigration and border security during election year, but once they are re-elected, they forget about fixing our broken immigration system and securing the border.  Washington keeps sending us mixed messages regarding immigration. At this point, we are uncertain about whether or not to believe them.   

If we are going to solve the issue of illegal immigration, we should be able to tie it into an economic solution that is good for Texas. The solutions for this problem should not be a bargaining chip during election years; they should respect the rule of law and secure our border.
In a recent  FOX News Poll, over 60% of Tea Party Members would like to solve this problem, and would support legislation that would allow many to remain in the United States, provided that they meet certain criteria.  Over 70% of those polled agree with this idea.  All of these people are voters who want this problem resolved, not one that can be used to divide America or the GOP.

Double talk on this issue has only worsened the situation for millions of small businesses that want to find legal workers, yet are trapped because of inflated quotas under the current law.   

Any Immigration Bill from the House must start with securing our border, and must ensure that the magnet of illegal immigration will not become a new problem in the next 5 years.

I ask you to join me in my solution for Texas and America.

Together we can Resolve this Problem, Unite America, and Rebuild America’s Greatness!




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