Deception in Washington, D.C.

Today, President Obama will explain to us, the American people, why the Federal Government thought it was OK to spy on us.

When it comes to freedom and privacy, Senator Cornyn comes to Texas and tells voters he is for the protection of freedoms and your right to privacy.

However, his actions prove otherwise.

In 2007, Senator Cornyn voted for the FISA Amendments Act, granting immunity to U.S. telecommunication companies for giving information about their customers to the government without a warrant.

On December 28, 2012, Sen. Cornyn voted to re-authorize FISA "Act" of 2012, which authorizes warrantless surveillance of Americans until 2017. This is one of the key provisions that allowed the NSA to conduct the warrantless blanket surveillance of American citizens. In addition, Sen. Cornyn voted for the Protect Intellectual Privacy Act in committee (PIPA or SOPA in the House).

Adding insult to injury, in 2006 and May 2011, Cornyn Voted to Re-authorize the USA Patriot Act that allows the Government to spy on Americans.

We must NOT vote away our Liberties when voting for a Senator on March 4. I will fight for our liberties and OUR Bill of Rights in our U.S. Constitution.

Not only is D.C. broken, the idea of a checks and balances government is a mirage. From where we stand in Texas, it looks like our officials are there to protect our freedom and manage the country. But a closer look into the voting records of our elected officials, we notice that they are there to simply vote away opportunity for the middle class, increase our taxes, and SPY on us.

We cannot allow this to continue. We must make better choices when electing our officials. We must vote out those who deceive us during campaigns and cannot remember what the U.S. Constitution protects. It is simple, it protects you and me and our right to be free in America. The U.S. Constitution allows us to seek the opportunity to speak our minds and create our success and that is the American Dream that we must not let die.




Join me in protecting our American Dream and our Right to be Free.  Help me protect our Freedom in America.

Please go to my website and contribute what you can so together we can protect the freedom and privacy of all Texans from the Obama Administration and the NSA.

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