Help Us Bring the Fight to the GOP Convention in Fort Worth‏

As we continue our endeavor to promote conservative values and Keep our beloved Texas RED, the Republican Convention in Fort Worth is just around the corner. The Convention is expected to gather thousands of Republican activists from around the state, and elected officials from Austin and Washington D.C. who need to hear where we stand. They must also be made aware of why the voters are so angry with the political games being played at our expense. The same politicians who never deliver on their empty promises are still in Washington, D.C. and we are not better off for this.

The cost of having a booth inside the Convention is about $1,500 alone and the cost of the hotel accommodations and travel expenses for three to four days makes very difficult for hardworking conservatives to afford this trip, and thus, giving leverage only to the “same-old” elites, corporate donors, and party bosses who often neglect to pay heed to concerns of hardworking Texans who have only time to work and provide for their families and bills. These hardworking and powerless conservative class of Texans are the true heroes of the Texas economic success, yet they have so little power when the rules of the Republican Party are crafted and approved at the Convection.  

For this reason, I am asking you to help us raise funds so that we too can have a voice in the Convention. Hardworking Texans like you must have true representation in this Convention so together we can demand that these elites and corporate power-brokers stop neglecting the concerns of conservative values and the interests of our state.

Please, go to my website and donate any amount you can so together we can bring our Fight for true conservative family values of economic freedom to the Convention. With your support we can begin to rebuild our beloved America.

The challenges are big, but so is our Spirit.

God Bless America and God Bless Texas.

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