In brief, Linda Vega believes:

  • in being a strong voice for freedom and liberty and that too many politicians are trampling on our Constitution;
  • in limited government;
  • in States' rights;
  • in term limits;
  • in immigration reform but not amnesty;
  • that Obamacare needs to be repealed'
  • that a strong message needs to be sent to Washington, D.C. that more government, increased spending, higher taxes, special interest and corruption will not be tolerated;
  • that the Texas model for economic growth needs to be taken to D.C.; and
  • in working on issues that deeply affect our military and veterans, as well as the families of the fallen that are so often overlooked

2nd Amendment

I support the Constitution and 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. When the government overstretches its powers to PROHIBIT individuals from protecting themselves, we should reconsider the intrusive role of the federal government in our lives.


We should be less restrictive on opportunities to use our resources that can create new jobs and offer energy to our communities. We need to create more free trade that will create millions of jobs for Americans and more markets for American companies. We need to offer better foreign policies to countries that may want to share their energy through partnerships that would benefit our economy in the trillions of dollars. 

We need to make difficult choices in the type of spending that does not hurt our populace, but rather invests in them for the future. Our economic system is tied into ACA (Obamacare), immigration, energy exploration, and we simply try to segregate everything and poison the well.  We need to find solutions to these issues, not just offer divisive rhetoric that further depletes our American moral

Education: School Choice

I support parents who want to make better choices for their family. As a mother of two, I find myself very involved in my children's education.  I have had to challenge their studies on various occasions, such as suggest more books, take them on trips, and get tutoring for them.  This was my individual responsibility as a parent. The government should not restrict our choices, but should allow parents the authority to make decisions about their children's education.


We should be less restrictive on opportunities to use resources that can create new jobs and offer energy to our communities. We need to offer better foreign policies to other countries so they will be more willing to share their energy through partnerships that would benefit our economy in the trillions of dollars. 

Immigration Reform/Dream Act

I am not for amnesty.  I believe that we must reform our Broken Immigration system. It is not modern, prohibits our economic opportunities, and allows many to receive benefits while undocumented.  If we intend to deal with overstays and illegal entries, then we must have a logical plan to do so. 

A law needs to be written that is good for Texas and good for America. Our border needs to be protected.  All that go across the border should have security checks,  as it is a matter of safety for our citizens. Those who cannot meet our requirements should leave the country, and that I am willing to support.


I support Israel. Israel is our best ally and the only stable democracy in the Middle East.

National Security

Defending America is a top priority, as it should be.  Our borders must be protected and our foreign policy should be firm, as Reagan believed.  Our ability to project strength around the world is necessary to protect American Interests.  I believe, while aiding our allies, that American foreign policy must stay away from organizations like the U.N., who seeks to weaken our role in the world.  More importantly, our military must keep strong and act unilaterally when we see the need to protect our allies and American Interests around the world.

Obamacare (Affordable Care Act)  

I believe that the Affordable Care Act is the most expensive and inadequate law Congress has ever passed. It is anti-business, pro-tax, anti-capitalist, and patently unconstitutional. 

The idea seeks to force to insure people, even if it is against their will, and the law seeks to punish individuals who do not participate in the program. This is no different than forcing people to undergo a medical procedure against their will. We are losing our personal rights.  How long will it take before we lose the right to make a medical decision about our own bodies?  Implementing the program is already costing $3M for training, while states decide and learn how to apply it.  The ACA will also GROW the IRS, one of the most disliked agencies within our government. This is out of touch with protecting our individual freedom of choice.  Health Care must be made available and accessible to people, which it is in many of our states, Texas in particular.  However, the ACA is not the answer.


I am a staunch pro-life Republican, and believe that life begins at conception. I believe all life is valuable and has a purpose. 

Women want the right to their bodies, to decide what is best for them.  We need to explain how abortion affects their health, and the life of the unborn child.  With better information given on the value of life, we could pass better laws that would focus on protecting women, their health, and the unborn.

Sanctity of Marriage

I am a supporter of Individual Rights and States' Rights. When we start to infringe too much on the personal lives of American citizens to qualify them as fit, we risk defending our right to privacy and freedoms. That is why I believe that States have the RIGHT to decide what best fits their moral and Constitutional legal best interest.

I supported DOMA, when it was law; however, when the Supreme Court struck it down as unconstitutional, our moral law is at odds with man-made laws that have caused us to ponder on our right of liberty.  This is why we really need to re-focus on the Constitution and ensure that every elected official, at every level, upholds his or her oath of office, which includes swearing to uphold the Constitution of the United States.


We need to stop taxing people and small businesses. Middle America built the strength of this country and we have slapped them in the face with less opportunity and higher taxes.

We need a lower corporate tax code to rebuild our economy.  A high corporate tax hinders the ability of country to rebuild our economy and discourages small business and corporations from expanding. We need to lower our federal corporate tax code from 39%, to encourage business creation and more jobs.

Term Limits

Terms limits are necessary to prevent elected officials from usurping their power through special interest groups. We need term limits to ensure that our country has the ability for the people to elect officials.  A person should not be intimidated from running from office because an incumbent has a $7Million war chest. We need to ensure that  We the People have a voice with their vote.

Terms limits, therefore, prevent a concentration of power in our Senate and Congress from being perpetual and being bought by certain special interest groups.

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