John Cornyn’s Record on Taxes and Debt

When John Cornyn states a position on taxes and debt, can we count on him feeling the same way tomorrow?  Is it going to help Texans or hurt Texans?  So far, it is harming us more than helping.  The following are a few examples, from FreedomWorks and Politifact-Texas, of what Cornyn has been doing for Texas and our Country.

  • "John Cornyn has voted to increase the debt, raise taxes, bail out Wall Street banks, and fund Obamacare."
  • "On Oct. 1, 2008, Cornyn was on the prevailing "aye" side of the Senate when the body voted 74-25 in favor of a $700 billion package to rescue the financial markets, including Wall Street banks."
  • " On May 17, 2010, CNN quoted Cornyn as sticking by his support for the Wall Street bailout program that subsequently turned out to be unpopular with voters. The measure, Cornyn said, "was represented to us as an absolute necessity or else the economy would melt down and we'd experience a repeat of perhaps the depression of the '30s. I'm responsible and proud of the vote I cast at the time because I thought it was a public necessity." Cornyn noted to CNN, though, that he later voted to end the Troubled Asset Relief Program "even though I voted for it initially…”
  • "Aug. 2, 2011, Cornyn voted to increase the federal debt limit by $2.4 trillion. He also voted in favor of Congress raising the limit on May 23, 2003; on Nov. 17, 2004; and on March 16, 2006."
  • "On December 31, 1, 2012, hours before the end of the year, John Cornyn voted for the "fiscal cliff tax hike that raised taxes by $600 billion and forced nearly 80% of Americans to pay higher taxes," referring to the American Taxpayer Relief Act.”
  •  Per FreedomWorks, “Cornyn Has Voted to Raise the Debt Ceiling Eight Times.  Since entering office in 2002, Senator Cornyn has voted to raise the debt ceiling eight times… Raising the debt limit only encourages reckless spending in Washington. Congress needs to cut spending and balance the budget—not continue to increase our national debt without any spending reforms or reductions.”

Read FreedomWorks, Top 10 Bad Votes by Senator John Cornyn (R-TX.) to learn more about what John Cornyn has been doing for you, then help me retire him.


It is time for new leadership in Washington, D.C.  It is time for Texans to vote for the person who will do what is best for Texas. I promise to be that person.

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