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The increase in the need for private investigators is perhaps a reflection on today's society however, the good news is if it's a field you're interested in then with private investigator training, you could be a part of a growing an exciting industry. The ability to earn good to excellent income as a P.I. is very good but the higher pay levels won't be reached until you have a lot of experience "under your bely" or you branch out on your own. As far as lack of work opportunities are concerned, don't worry, the upward trend in the need for private investigation is one of the highest in any industry and it's expect to spiral upwards for at least the next 8-10 years. Private Investigator TrainingThe good news is you don'r require any major academic qualifications to break into private investigation.  Many people are entering the profession bringing with them specialist skills in other industries such as computer and criminal science and if you are qualified in areas such as these you already have a walk up start. However, while education is important it's not the be all and end all and you can get the required level of profiency through private investigator training. Why Do You Need P.I. TrainingMany firms of size offer areas of specialization and today, private investigators are required to be more of a "jack of all trades."  It doesn't mean you'll be jumping from a different field to another every day of the week.  

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