Obama and His Cronies Are Getting Ready For Another Tax Hike

Early voting has started across Texas, and as Texans you need to vote for true Conservatives.   
Obama and his cronies, in Congress, are getting ready for another tax hike to pay for entitlements.

According the article in the Wall Street Journal, Obama’s new spending plans for 2015 “would be offset by spending cuts and tax increases on high-income earners.”

We all know that the crony democrats in Congress, with the help of some Republicans, would rather raise taxes on the on middle-class Americans, than cut spending.

We don't want higher taxes, no one does. Yet, every time we allow the government to spend on programs without any incentive to create jobs, merely to bailout sinking businesses, we give away our hard earned money. We already have the biggest corporate tax in world.

We cannot trust John Cornyn because he has been working with Obama to increase taxes on hardworking Americans and voting in favor of every bill proposed by this administration.

"On December 31, 1, 2012, hours before the end of the year, John Cornyn voted for the "fiscal cliff tax hike ( Taxmageddon) that raised taxes by $600 billion and forced nearly 80% of Americans to pay higher taxes," referring to the American Taxpayer Relief Act.”

Obama wants to spend about $3.9 trillion next year which will mean, higher Taxes on the successful income earners in America.

Let's send Washington, D.C. a message: No More Spending. No More Bailouts. No More Tax Increases.
Vote for a Conservative who will fight to stop this new tax hike on hardworking Americans.

God Bless America and God Bless Texas!

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