Obama's War on Our Religious Freedom



The Obama Administration Continues the Attacks on Our Religious Freedom and the U.S. Constitution.

Last Friday, the Obama administration asked the Supreme Court of the United States to violate the Constitutional religious freedom of American Catholics. The Obama Administration argues that Religious Groups, Catholic Nuns in this case, have no basis for blocking the Obamacare mandate regarding use of birth control so there is no reason for the high court to block enforcement of the Obamacare provision.

Obamacare requires employers to include free contraception in the health-care plans offered to employees. However, religious groups can claim exemption.  Under that requirement, groups that qualify for the religious exemption from the contraception mandate must fill out a form that certifies they are a religious nonprofit organization and object to the requirement.

Completing that form, the groups claim, infringes on their religious liberty rights. Some Catholic charity groups argue that it still “leaves them complicit in the government’s system for distributing and subsidizing contraception, including the so-called morning after pill, which they consider to be an abortifacient.” according to the attorney for the Church:

“The government demands that the Little Sisters of the Poor sign a permission slip for abortion drugs and contraceptives,” said Mark Rienzi, senior counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the law group representing the Little Sisters.

The government, especially the Obama Administration, continues a pattern of harassing citizens of the United States.  Last year, we saw government, through the IRS, harass conservative tea party groups from using their constitutional right of Freedom of Expression. At the same time, we saw how the NSA was spying on American citizens, and now the Federal Courts may say it is legal.

The Obama Administration is out of control. We, as Texans, should not allow our Rights and freedom to be stepped on by big government. This administration is infringing on our religious freedom, freedom of expression, and our right to privacy.

Texas deserves a real conservative, not a career politician who feels entitled to continue to be senator. Senator Cornyn has the millions in his war chest to get his name out to voters but he will not be advertising that he has done little or nothing to protect the religious freedoms of all Texans or all Americans. In fact, Senator Cornyn has voted in favor of these bills, and others that harm our Constitutional Rights.

Share the picture below on all the social media sites. Together we can make sure that all Texans are aware that there is an ongoing war against our religious freedom from the Obama administration.


God Bless America and God Bless Texas!

~Linda Vega

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