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October 22, 2013                           

Houston, Texas:  Linda Vega, a Houston attorney and business owner, issued the following statement during a Press Conference held at The Continental Building on Tuesday, October 22, 2013.
"Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am announcing that I am running for US Senate as a Republican, and I will put the country first and defend our Texas freedoms."
"The Badge of Honor that I wear is not about partisan politics but one of putting the country first.  We need a new, fresh, voice that will be true to our liberties and the America of greatness and not one of an unproductive rhetoric," stated Ms. Vega.
Ms. Vega asked for the support of others to help rebuild America.  She said, "We need to bring Texas values of personal accountability and limited government to Washington, D.C.  America used to be a land of hope and inspiration, and we need to rebuild that."   
Linda Vega is "a strong believer of the Reagan ideals that hard work is what determines the character of who you are."  She discussed the Texas success stories and the D.C. failures.  She stated that, "In Washington D.C., they don't have the same values we have here in Texas.  In D.C., they believe in entitlements and spending money they don't have. They believe in limiting your freedom and curtailing the ability of the private sector to create jobs."       
Ms. Vega believes, "We are on a course of crashing and we need to drastically change it before it is too late."  
In the upcoming months, Ms. Vega looks forward to meeting more citizens across the great state of Texas and listening to their concerns about issues important to them. As she talks with people, they will realize she is the right candidate for the nation. With their vote, she will be the voice in D.C. that Texans, and all Americans need.
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