Together Let's Protect Texas from Obama and The Federal Government‏

With Election day around the corner, make sure to tell friends and family to vote for a real conservative for the U.S. Senate.
The overwhelming feeling of Americans is to have laws that protect the American Dream, why then are we electing people who are voting against America's interest and growing the FEDERAL Government?

The Obama Administration continues Its attacks on Religious Freedom and the U.S. Constitution. The  IRS has become a tool so intrusive that it has usurped its power by picking on conservative organizations with a non-profit tax status.

But D.C. politicos feel that they are entitled to their political position, even if they don’t represent the interests of Texas or do anything that helps Texas. These D.C. politicians  come to Texas and tell you that they want to protect your freedoms, but as soon as they get to D.C., they have secret meetings with interest groups who do not have an interest in helping Texans like you and me. 
Moreover, the House is getting ready to pass a bill that will increase the debt ceiling and spending, rather than cutting government programs that have caused the national debt of $17 trillion. We still have to borrow about $1 trillion to pay for entitlements every year because of this bill. The U.S. Government collects about $2.3 trillion in revenue, yet we spend about $3.5 trillion in the annual budget. Sixty per cent of our budget goes to pay for entitlements. The numbers do not lie: we need to borrow $1 trillion to pay for entitlements.
We cannot rely on Sen. Cornyn as he has been working for President Obama not Texans. Sen. Cornyn has voted to allow the Federal Government to invade our privacy.  In 2007 and 2012, Cornyn voted for the FISA Amendment to Allow Warrantless Data Collection on U.S. Citizens.   In 2006 and May 2011, Cornyn joined in the vote to reauthorize the USA Patriot Act that spies on U.S. Citizens. In fact, he voted to extend the spying well into the year 2017.

We need to stop the IRS, the NSA, and Obama's rampant spending. Only a true conservative, one that will not work with Obama and his cronies in Congress, can  help us rebuild the greatness to America that our Founding Fathers inherited us.

God Bless American and God Bless Texas

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