Washington D.C. Continues Its Addiction To Spending

D.C. is making deals again at our expense. On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate passed a budget deal that does not cut spending. And, last week, 163 Democrats and 169 Republicans voted for the same Bill. Even worse, this two-year deal breaks the 2011 Budget Control Act’s discretionary spending caps for fiscal years 2014 and 2015, the so-called Sequester. The deal means overall federal spending will not decline in 2014, as it has for the last two years.

We still have to borrow about $1 trillion to pay for entitlements every year because of this bill. The U.S. Government collects about $2.3 trillion in revenue, yet we spend about $3.5 trillion in the annual budget. Sixty per cent of our budget goes to pay for entitlements. The numbers do not lie: we need to borrow $1 trillion to pay for entitlements. Yet, Obama and both parties refuse to cut spending. Thus, based on nothing else changing, we will have an annual deficit of $1 trillion. Senator Cornyn has voted EIGHT times to raise the Debt Ceiling, or has voted to borrow money we do not have, just to pay for entitlements. He is part of the problem, not the solution.

This new deal only continues the vicious spending mentality. Washington D.C. is spending money we do not have and endangering not only this generation but also future generations of Americans.

What the deal did do is cut $6 Billion dollars of benefits that would help our U.S. Veterans, the people who have signed up to protect our country and fight for our freedom. Not only is this move against our interest, it is a sign of disrespect direct from Washington.

Currently, we have an estimated $80 trillion in unfunded liabilities for entitlements in the next 40 years. D.C. politicians continue to pretend nothing is happening instead of implementing solutions. Why are they not looking for fraud, within these programs, that cost taxpayers? Why are they not cross-referencing the departments for duplicate programs, merging them, and getting rid of any additional expense because of it? Why do they continue to do the same thing: just spend money the country does not have?

This road to a fiscal perdition will force taxpayers from fiscal conservative states, such as Texas, to end up paying for liberal states, such as California and New York. D.C. has a serious addiction to spending. It is time to get new leadership in D.C. to intervene.

I ask for your support to help me stop D.C.

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