We set a goal for raising funds to be able to attend the Fort Worth Convention in June and  thanks to the support of people like you, we were able to meet that goal. Now on to the Convention!

We will have booth where Texans can come share their thoughts on what should be the best course we should take to rebuild American using the Texas Red Model. I encourage, especially the Candidates to stop by and talk to us about their engaging the Latino Community during their campaign.  Working together to keep Texas RED and reach out to voters is a must if we want to keep Texas RED and prosperous.
I am humbled, and inspired, by your support. I am encouraged because this fight to rebuild America will not be won from the top down. This fight will be won from the bottom up from the millions of Texans who believe that we are a strong state because we believe the strength of Texas comes from its people, not some bureaucrat in D.C. or Austin.
If you have not gotten your Live Free! Keep Texas RED! Wristbands we will have some on hand  at the Convention.

We will see you in Fort Worth come this June!
Texas Strong! Texas Proud!

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