Women, Texas, and Politics: The Proportional Representation In Congress

Women had a 59.5% turnout in 2012 and male voters had a 54.90% turnout, according to the Texas Secretary of State's statistics. Of the total voter registrations in 2012, women were 55.25% of the total state vote; whereas, men were only 44.75% of the total state’s votes. Thus, it would be reasonable to think that women representation in Congress would be equal to women participation in voting.

However, that is not the case.

voter_turnout.pngElected women officials from Texas only comprise 5% of the Congressional representation and that figure includes both parties. More specifically, of the thirty-eight (38) people from Texas, which includes the 36 House Members and the two Senators, only two are women: Sheila Jackson, a Democrat from Houston, and Republican Kay Granger, from a suburb in Dallas.

The population of both men and women in all districts in Texas, has the ratio of women to men at 1:1 but when we compare it to state voter registration, we can see that women have a 10% higher voter registration than men; yet, they have almost no representation in Congress.

Moreover, the population in each Congressional District in Texas, in both Republican and Democrat areas, for the female and male population is equal to about 350,000 for each gender. Statistics about your district and other districts can be found in the My Congressional District database.  


These figures are startling!  Why do women have a dismal presence in Congress of 5%, when they are, according to statistics about the 2012 election, 54.75% of the state turnout, and had “gender” turnout of almost 60%?  Regardless of party, women in Texas are disproportionally underrepresented. Women should be concerned that they are not being represented fairly in Congress.

Women vote in higher numbers than men do, yet they are not running for federal office nor are they being represented in Congress in the process for political decisions that affect women and their families in Texas.

Come March 4, we need to change that number and have more women included in the political process and in Washington, D.C.

Ladies, make a difference when you Vote on March 4

To learn about the candidate who knows about the needs of women and will represent fairly all women, as well as all citizens of Texas, visit my website.

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